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Your Simply Organized Home

your organized home
What space in your home needs the most help?
How does the space make you feel?
What is your goal?

  1. Declutter – This has to be the first step to living an organized lift. You cannot organize or maintain without purging your things first.
  2. Organize – Once the amount of stuff you have matches the space you have to store things, organization can be a breeze. This step is actually pretty simple now. Your task is to find a home for every item you own. That’s it!
  3. Maintain – A couple simple guidelines…always put things in their home as soon as you are done with them and don’t get more stuff without getting rid of stuff. Easy peasy!

Most think they have the most trouble with the first phase. But reality is, they have trouble with maintaining because they aren’t actually doing phase 1 & 2 fully. 

This is truly where you need the support. 

Through thoroughly completing the first 2 phases, there is a shift in mindset that is the key to maintaining. 

Surprised there isn’t necessarily steps or a procedure to maintaining an organized home?  Of course, there are physical things you have to do. But with the shift in mindset, actually doing the maintenance becomes a priority and just happens as part of your everyday routine. 

There is one simple task to maintain and that’s put things away as soon as you are done with it.

Simply Organized Home

Maximize space and optimize storage solutions for a clutter-free home.

Simply Organized Space

Your home office, garage, pantry, basement… you pick the space and we’ll get it put together for you.

Simply Organized Move

Start off right in your new home. Allow us to unpack and organize your home.

Every service is customized to your needs. This starts with a full assessment and ends with a follow up for accountability.

Valerie M, Simply Organized Organizer

Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to get to know little about me!

I am a REALTOR with a background in architecture and design. I’m here because I have a passion for personalizing spaces. You deserve to live in a home you love. Whether that means finding a new house or just redesigning/organizing the one you are in. I’m here for you! My goal is to inspire you and let you know that project you want to do can be done!

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Your simply organized home

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Your Simply Organized Home

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