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Clean Kids room

If you have kids, you’re not going to want to miss this one today. Getting kids to keep their room in order can feel impossible! First, I’d like to talk to you about different organization styles everyone has a unique way they like to store and organize their things some people need to see their things. That’s how their brain works out of sight out of mind, and they are afraid they will forget. Other people cannot stand seeing their things and need everything stored behind closed doors and containers with lids. Then there’s the kids they are a unique breed and have a very fluttering style of organizing. Am I right?  Anyone reading this who has a clean kids room, please leave us a comment with your magic solution.

So let’s listening to your clutter piles lol how many of you are trying to figure out how to get your teenager to put their dirty clothes in the dirty laundry basket. 

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Here’s an aha moment for you, put the basket where the clothes land take a look in your kids room right now. Where is the biggest pile of dirty laundry, that’s where the basket needs to be. make it easy and convenient. This is something that is very hard for me because I cannot stand having  laundry baskets out in the open, however, still better than dirty laundry all over the floor give it a try

Clean Kids Room Simplified

Clean kids room by making it stupid easy. A pile of hangers in the closet doorway and easily be a basket of hangers in the corner of the closet.
A pile of hangers in the closet doorway and easily be a basket of hangers in the corner of the closet… clean kids room!

Then there’s other unique scenarios to consider. Most of you know we are a special-needs family. My oldest daughter is a teenager with down syndrome and autism. So unlike, or maybe exactly like most teenagers, she cannot be convinced that it is actually important to strive for some sort of cleanliness. I like to convey to my clients with kids listen to the piles here’s an example in my daughters room every morning she does get herself dressed, which is amazing, but every time she takes something out of the closet, she drops the hanger on the floor right here in the closet by the end of the week. This is what it looks like listening to the pile I found a solution I put a crate in the corner of the closet here, nothing fancy spot in the closet that’s not being used for anything else except collecting clutter there it is so now she doesn’t even have to take a step farther to do anything with that hanger than she normally does she just has to place it there instead of here, and guess what she’s doing it!

What pile can you ‘listen’ to? Leave it in comments and let’s figure out a solution!

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