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Marie Kondo Folding Pants

Folding pants isn’t rocket science. But is there a right, or wrong, way to fold pants? According to Marie Kondo there is only one way. I call it ‘file folding pants’. The KonMari method of organization is based on the theory that all objects have their own energy, or life, and need to have room to breathe. If pants are folded in any sort of way and then stacked on top of each other, each pair will suffocate in a way, especially the ones toward the bottom. So it’s less about how you fold your pants and more about how your store your pants.

For me it’s about maintaining a tidy home. And storing and folding pants using the Marie Kondo style of organization is essential for a tidy home. Let me explain a little more.

Folding Pants for Optimal Storage

The first step in storing your pants for easiest maintenance is getting the fold right. Follow this step by step video for the perfect fold.

  1. Lay your pants out flat
  2. Fold each pant leg in half
  3. Fold each pant leg in half again
  4. Finally folding the pants in half one more time

KonMari Method and Clothes

The KonMari Method, pioneered by the beloved Marie Kondo, is all about mindfully selecting the items that truly bring you happiness and finding the perfect home for each one. Marie’s theory in developing the KonMari Method revolves around believing your stuff is alive in the sense that it needs room to breath.

Your items cannot serve you if they are not happy themselves. This lends itself to storing your clothing in a certain way. Stacking your clothes can suffocate the items at the bottom of the pile. Wrapping your sock into a ball, like many of us do, stores your socks in constant stress as they are stretched and smashed together. When it comes to pants the file fold pants method falls right into line with her thinking.

I prefer this method because it eliminates the need to dig for your items. You can see every pair of pants without even touching them!

Vertical Fold for Skirts & Shorts

Folding Skirts and Shorts for Vertical Storage

Tired of taking forever to find your clothes everyday?
Done digging through your drawer to find what you want?

Fold your skirts and shorts to store vertically in your drawer!

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