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Are you tired of stepping over toys and tripping over clutter in your child’s bedroom? Deal with a messy kids room no more! With just a few quick steps and some actionable strategies, you can transform that messy kid’s room into an organized oasis. And the best part? You can do it all in just 15 minutes at a time!

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messy kids room - get them organized 15 minutes at time.

There is really so much that goes into a kid’s room. There’s the basics of clothes, books and toys. But kids tend to be collectors LOL. As they grow and move through the stages of development sometimes it’s hard to determine what to keep. When going through the 15 minute projects I encourage you to do it with your kids from start to finish. Not only will it teach them some great life skills but will give them that sense of ownership and pride that will hopefully encourage them to keep things in order…at least for a minute!

Messy Kids Room

Decluttering is the key to reclaiming your child’s space. Like with every decluttering project create three piles: keep, donate/sell, and toss. In a kid’s room you may want to add a sentimental category. These are items that don’t need to stay in their room but you don’t want to get rid of. These items can go in storage for when they are adults or maybe you’d like to display somewhere. This will help you prioritize what stays and what goes.

Now it’s time to get down to business! Break down the organizing process into manageable chunks of 15 minutes projects I have created for you below. Set a timer and focus on one area at a time – whether it’s clearing off the desk or tidying up the bookshelf.

Make use of storage solutions that are both functional and fun! Invest in colorful bins or baskets for toys, shelves for books, and hooks for hanging clothes or backpacks. By giving everything a designated place, you’ll not only create order but also make it easier for your child to maintain cleanliness.

Listen to the Piles

Remember to involve your child in the process too! Teach them about responsibility by assigning tasks like putting away their own toys or folding their own clothes. This will instill good habits early on while also lightening your load.

So why wait any longer? Take charge of that messy kid’s room today with these 15 minute organization projects. Get ready to enjoy a clutter-free space where your child can thrive and play with ease!

Purging Kid’s Clothes

messy kids room- organize kids clothes workbook

15 minute clothes purge:

  1. Remove clothes that are too small
  2. Have your child pull out clothes they don’t like or won’t wear.
  3. Group by clothes type ie. long sleeve, short sleeve, pajamas, etc
  4. Only keep as much as will fit in their clothes storage.

So let’s dive in and discover how to purge clothes effectively for kids. As a mom of four living in the Midwest, let me give you the biggest piece of advise to keeping your kids clothes under control. Purge kid’s clothes every season. That’s 4 times per year! Secondly, do it at least a month before they will need the clothes. This way you won’t buy stuff they don’t need.

If done with every seasons, 15 minutes should be enough time for a quick refresh.

File Fold Clothes


File Fold Pants – you can see every pair of pants without digging – your kids won’t throw clothes all over their room to find the favorite – easy to rotate if your into that #clothinghacks #storagehacks #drawerorganization

♬ original sound – valerie m – valerie m

So many benefits of folding your clothes to store them like a file folder. Think about it. If you have a stack of papers on your desk and have to find one specific page. You have to dig! But if the papers are vertically store like in a file cabinet, you can easily sift through and find what you want.

1. you can see every pair of pants without digging
2. your kids won’t throw clothes all over their room to find the favorite
3. easy to rotate if your into that

Toy Purge

Toy Purge – in production


Quick Steps to Follow:

  1. Ideally all the toys would be removed from their places.
  2. Remind your child that some of the toys are not going back into the room. And it’s important to explain to him where the toys are going to go whether it’s donate, gift to a younger friend or whatever you have decided.
  3. You and your child pick on toy at a time to put away. Once the space is about 80% full, that’s it! Let your child know that the extra space is for their birthday or Christmas….for new toys!

Are your kid’s toys taking over your home? It’s time for a toy purge! Decluttering a messy kids room not only creates a more organized space but also encourages creativity and imagination. So, let’s dive in and discover the joy of keeping only age-appropriate toys while finding a great place to donate the ones they’ve outgrown.

Again, I encourage you to do this with our kids. It not only helps kids learn good habits but also healthy relationship with the ‘things’ in their life.

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My Kids have Too Many Books

Too Many Books – in production


Sorting and decluttering your kid’s books can be a fun and rewarding activity for both you and your little one. By sorting and decluttering your kid’s books, you create a more manageable collection that is tailored to their interests and age group. Plus, it opens up space for new literary adventures! So grab those extra copies and worn-out pages – it’s time to make room for new stories!

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