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The Clutter Connection ( Book Review)

I recently read “The Clutter Connection” by Cassandra Aarssen, and let me tell you, it was a game-changer! This book dives deep into the psychology behind clutter and offers practical tips on how to declutter your space effectively.

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Clutter Bugs

Aarssen’s approach in “The Clutter Connection” is refreshing; she doesn’t just give generic advice but tailors it to different clutter personalities. It’s like she gets into your head and understands why you hold on to certain things. She does this by relating the different organization styles with bugs: bee, lady bug, cricket and butterfly.

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We’ve all heard about the different learning styles: visual, auditory, kinesthetic. Well, there is also different storage styles. Find out what your storage style is with The Clutter Connection by Cassandra Aarssen.

There are 4 elements that determine your clutter bug. Are you a visual person and need to see your stuff? Or does it make you crazy to have open shelving? You will fall into the category of being ‘visual’ or needing your stuff ‘hidden’. The other two elements are ‘micro’ and ‘macro’. This is simply how detail oriented you are. Will you better organize with a a dump and go basket or do all your battery sizes need their own compartment?

A book review of The Clutter Connection

If you’re tired of living in a cluttered mess or just want some fresh perspective on decluttering, I highly recommend picking up The Clutter Connection. If live with someone and you find yourself struggling to manage your ‘stuff’ together, Cassandra will help you understand why. Everyone’s organization will look different. 

“Making life easier is what organization is all about” – Cassandra Aarssen


Kids are the ultimate butterfly. But there are adults too that are visual/macro organizers. This group is the ultimate drop and go sorter. If it’s not a simple solution it will not be maintained. Just don’t let yourself be convinced that you are just a slob. You just need different solutions.


Being a ladybug means that you like visual simplicity and organizational simplicity, which means you may just shove your clutter into a drawer or closet, and not take the time to organize. Is everything cleaned up and put away but you spend all day trying to find what you’re looking for then you’re probably a ladybug.


Do you find yourself taking more time to plan a project than it would take to actually do the project? Is preparing for the project keeping you from doing the project? You might be a bee. Perfectionist, deep emotional connection, micro sorter. You see hidden potential on every item, even broken ones. Over complicating simple tasks leads to procrastinating. Get accomplished by starting with the macro sort. Then you can sub-categories to your hearts desire.


Crickets are those who are good at putting things away as they use them and may find yourself getting frustrated because others don’t do the same. Crickets will find themselves piling things to put away later so they can do it the right way.

I really love this book because not only does she go into detail about the different organization types people can be, but she gives real life examples and also goes into great detail and recommendations and strategies for each of those types

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